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Wix SEO Reviews
What People Think of Using Wix for SEO

Jul 25, 2019

In the digital space, there's two types of people out there ‐ those who love using Wix for SEO, and those who well, hate it. We wanted to know why. Why are some users gung‐ho about Wix while others think it should crash and burn?

So, to truly understand what users are saying about Wix ‐ the good and the bad ‐ we started with a Google Search for "Wix SEO Reviews", because how else do you start a research project about SEO?

Then I had a flashback ‐ it was February 3rd 2019, the Patriots and the Rams are squaring off to clinch the title of Super Bowl LIII champions when all of a sudden Karlie Kloss interrupts our regular scheduled programming with a message from … Wix?

Now, when we think of thought leaders in the digital space, we think of Rand Fishkin (Cofounder of Moz), Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO of Vayner Media), and Neil Patel (Co‐Founder of Crazy Egg) to name a few. We most definitely don't think of Karlie Kloss, American Fashion Model and Victoria's Secret Angel.

Anyway, in this very quick commercial, Karlie mentions how "Wix SEO let's you grab the top search results" by the click of a button. This left the entire SEO community scratching their heads, or as the Search Engine Journal more perfectly explained, you could hear "the collective SEO community hitting their heads against a proverbial desk."

Commercial that aired during Super Bowl LIII

The internet blew up, with Wix haters showing up on every forum. This gave site owners the idea that with Wix, you can rank first for any term you want, with the click of a button. And let's be real ‐ it is not that easy.

And just like that, I woke up from my flashback and am back to real life, searching to find out just what's so bad about Wix SEO … and then I stumbled upon this gem on Reddit.

This Wixer couldn't regret his decision any more. Missing H1 tags, SEO tools aren't mobile friendly, social media accounts missing. What else could go wrong?
"Friends don't let friends use Wix." Short, sweet and to the point.
Wix literally made a girl cry at a party because her website performed so poorly. That one must hit Wix right in the feels. Their product is so bad, girls are crying and leaving parties early. Yikes.
Lastly, this review represents the bigger picture ‐ weather you've worked with Wix or have friends who have worked in it, the word on the street is that Wix is "garbage" for SEO purposes.
Even Neil Patel, one of Forbes Top 10 Marketers, urges everyone to be careful of websites that let you "create a website by the push of a button" (like Wix) because they are slow, more restrictive, and aren't always easier to use.

Wix's SEO Reputation:
What we learned

Wix had more than a few issues that sank it's reputation faster than the titanic.

  • Used AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) which created a hash‐bang URL structure that is not SEO friendly (!example/)
  • Alt attributes were not possible in the platform
  • Could not optimize the title tag, URL or meta‐description
  • Used rel=canonical tags on all pages except the homepage
  • Used flash technology which is almost unindexable, need we say more?

In fact, in 2015, Google confirmed that Wix websites were not being indexed by Google. It can't get much worse than that.

Not showing up in Google? What's the point of even having a website?

Many Wix users were understandably pissed when that news broke, but luckily, Mariya Moeva, Developer Advocate for Google announced at the 2018 Google Developer Conference that Wix users can now see their page in search results immediately after creating it.

In addition to this much‐needed update, Wix had a few other SEO updates up their sleeve.

Wix SEO Updates:
What's Been Done

  • Canonical tags removed and rich results were added
  • Switched from flash technology to HTML
  • Replaced the hash‐bang URL structure with a more traditional structure
  • Mobile optimized websites
  • Improved page load time due to smart caching, advanced CSS layouts and global CDN coverage
  • Meta tags are now customizable
  • Alt attributes are now possible, allowing the user to include descriptive text to describe pictures
While Wix has surely come back with a more robust SEO offering, we're still not completely on board with Wix claiming to have "The Best SEO."

We truly feel the manual tasks like keyword research, content creation, user experience and (most importantly) technical tactics will always out‐rank the SEO benefits from an all‐in‐one website creation platform, so we'll stay a Wix hater … for now.

Learn more about Wix SEO and the platform's capabilities.

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