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About us:
About Wix SEO Competition

The latest Wix SEO competition is a battle between two agencies (the lovers and the haters) to see who can rank highest for the term Wix SEO. The "lovers" must build a website on Wix and use their SEO tools while the haters (us) can use whichever platform we prefer. Both agencies must use white hat SEO tactics and can not violate Google's search guidelines.

The competition will last 6 months and will be judged by Lukasz Zelezny, a respected SEO keynote speaker, author and top 10 UK marketing influencer. The winner will receive $25,000 and the loser receives $10,000.

Follow along with the results to see how we're doing!

WIX SEO competition results

Our Thoughts on the Competition

We're extremely excited and thankful that Wix chose us to compete in this competition. While we're sure the cards will be stacked against us, we are very confident in our design and SEO abilities.

With that being said, the concept of the competition speaks to a common issue in the digital marketing world, and for that matter, Wix's thoughts/understanding of SEO.

As stated above, the goal of the competition is to rank for a generic, short‐tail keyword. This is not a true measurement of success. Ideally, when creating a successful SEO strategy/campaign, you want to try to aim for ranking for as many related and synonyms keywords as possible. Also, you need to be sure to take search intent into account as much as possible.

So, while the term "Wix SEO" may have a lot of search interest, this term would not be a great term to target because the intent behind this is unclear. Are user looking for why Wix is not good for SEO? Are they looking for tips? Are they looking for updates on the SEO Wiz? This is always the problem with targeting short‐tail terms such as this. SEO competitions only further perpetuate this common misperception of SEO that you need to target/rank for precise, high‐search driving keywords.

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